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Although a capstone format may vary depending on your school, the results chapter of your capstone project usually falls under chapter 4. This is the chapter where you write the outcome of your research. When writing the results chapter, it is important to remember that this is not where you interpret the results. This chapter starts with a paragraph that restates the problem you introduced back in chapter 1 to serve as an introduction to the reader to know what will be presented in the chapter. Our company offers students capstone results chapter writing help to assist them logically present the main results of their study. We ensure that your results chapter is presentable and explicable. Our writers are experts at writing the results chapter of a qualitative and a quantitative research.


Guidelines to Writing Your Capstone Results Chapter


When presenting the results of a qualitative research, it is best to avoid overwhelming the reader with information that Capstone Results Writing Helpdoes not relate to your research objectives. When offering capstone results chapter writing services, our writers use short descriptions to describe data that is critical to answering your research questions.  Our writers are skilled in rounding up data to clearly state to what level people agreed on the issue on focus. This is done using quantitative words rather than numbers. When presenting quantitative research, we use graphs, charts, and tables to help the reader easily understand important results. Percentages can be misleading, therefore, our writers use actual numbers to report findings from a sample population of less than 100 respondents.


We ensure to divide your results chapter into subsections to as to break down the results into different segments. This segments in turn represent findings from a particular research question. We are keen to address each hypothesis in turn giving a description of the analysis process and the analysis results. Our writers also help you state whether the results confirm the null hypothesis or reject it. We ensure that the results are reported without assumptions, implications or assessments.


When you order for capstone results chapter writing help, our writers ensure that all diagrams are properly labelled and self-explanatory. The essence of using these non-textual elements is to enable the reader easily scan through your results without reading so many pages of texts. We avoid including raw data into your results chapter unless instructed otherwise. Our writers use clear and concise language to write this chapter to avoid sounding vague or unsure. It is also important to report results that do not agree with your hypothesis because you will have a chance to explain this negative result in the discussion section.


Why you need our Capstone Results Chapter Writing Help


Our writers are proficient in creating non-textual elements that are informative, engaging and easy to understand. We Dissertation Results Chapter Writingensure that they are neat and contain descriptive titles that inform the reader about the data being presented. We place each diagram within the text of the result being presented and reference the number of the diagram in the text. We also use a consistent font and a caption writing style throughout this chapter. Our capstone results chapter writing services also extend to helping you guide the reader through the table you want to refer them to by using parenthesis.


Our company is devoted to ensuring that your work is delivered on time. We, therefore, assign your assignment to the writer with the most capability to finish this chapter within the specified time. We ensure that the figures presented in the tables are consistent with the text.  In addition, we have a customer support team to help you track the writing progress of your paper and make orders. The team liaises with both you and the writer to relay any instructions that you may wish to add. If you have any questions regarding our services, please join our live chat where you will get help from our reliable and efficient team. You can also follow our order process page to make your order.

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