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A questionnaire is intended to help you collect consistent and comparable information from your study population to facilitate your dissertation success. Questionnaires are a very important tool when collecting data and should therefore be designed objectively to avoid affecting the validity if your research. Our company offers scholars dissertation questionnaire development help to assist in formulating questions that are effective and engaging. Are you worried that your questionnaire may have a low response rate thus inadequate data to help you draw conclusions? Our writers are skilled at formulating questions that are simple to understand, significant to your primary objectives, and comprehensive to provide sufficient data.


Types of Questions in a Dissertation Questionnaire


Questions may be open ended or closed ended. Closed-ended questions restrict the respondent to choose an answer among the provided multiple choice. These types of questions are ideal for quantitative research. Closed ended questions can require the respondent to choose from two possible answers, a multiple choice of more than two answers, or select an answer from a Likert scale that closely reflects how they feel about something. The Likert scale uses choices like: strongly agree, strongly disagree, agree, disagree, and not sure.


Open ended questions on the other hand do not limit your sample target to specific answers. The participants have the freedom to answer the questions however they feel right. This type of questions can yield unexpected and insightful responses thus ideal for qualitative research. Our dissertation questionnaire development services covers formulating both open format and closed ended questions to collect behavioral, attitudinal and classification information for your dissertation.


Things to Consider When Developing a Dissertation Questionnaire


Before drafting your questionnaire, you need to understand a few things about your intended respondents. Consider their academic excellence, culture, language, and beliefs. This will help you structure your questions in a manner that do not intimidate them or their beliefs and in a language that they understand. When you order dissertation questionnaire development help, our writers take time to understand basic things about the target sample. We then use simple language, widely known and understood abbreviations, and jargon if need be. This way, the respondents will feel that the researcher understands them and is aware of their commonly accepted language.


Questions should be designed in a way that they do not insinuate, lead on or presume. The respondent should not detect any emotion that may prompt them to respond in a certain way. Our writers will help you choose words that are not ambiguous or suggestive. Respondents may either, fail to answer a question they do not understand, or answer according what they think the researcher may deem right thus affecting the accuracy of your results.  Our writers make the questionnaire as short as possible so as not to bore the respondent which will lead to half-filled questionnaires thus incomplete data.


Why Our Dissertation Questionnaire Development Services Standout


Our company strives to design a questionnaire that meets all your dissertation objectives. Our writers will draft questions that probe the most important questions in your research.  We engage the respondents by starting with easy and interesting questions before proceeding to the ones that may require time to think. We also arrange the questions in a logical order to ensure that there is a link between all the questions that relates to your dissertation topic. When offering dissertation questionnaire development services, we ensure the questionnaire is well formatted to make it easier for the respondent to answer questions clearly and the researcher to record the answers appropriately.


Your dissertation questionnaire is then reviewed by an editor to ensure that there are no grammatical errors and there is enough space for respondent to answer the open-ended questions. The editor also confirms the questionnaire has a brief introduction stating your purpose, contact details, and the intended collection date. In an effort to ensure that the respondent answer the questionnaire truthfully, we include a confidentiality statement that affirms that the answers are completely anonymous and will be kept confidential. To access our dissertation questionnaire development help, follow our order process page. Still have doubts on whether your questionnaire will be effective? Join our live chat and let our customer support team answer your questions.

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