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Every academic document has a prescribed formatting style that provides consistency and facilitates practice of discipline and adherence to principles. A well formatted capstone project or dissertation shows that one is able to follow instructions and makes the paper presentable and easy to read. Our companyprovides formatting services for dissertations and capstone projects to students in higher learning institutions making their documents stand out in visual presentation, consistent in appearance, order, and purpose. We help you format your paper according to your school’s formatting guide. Our writers are conversant with various  writing styles used in institutions like APA, MLA, Harvard style, Chicago, among others.

Checklist for Our Dissertation and Capstone Projects Formatting Services

The header and footer are the first formatting aspects our writers check in your project. Our writerscan either adjust the text spacing relative to the header or footer border or apply a margin to the header or footer to make your comprehensive document easy to read.  The second part our writers focus on is your project’s title. We ensure that your title is simple and summarizes your project’s content in less than 12 words. We also format your cover page to meet your school’s requirement.


The abstract is another key area that our formatting services focus on. Our writers ensure that your project’s contribution to knowledge, the summary of methods, results, and main findings are systematically communicated in 150-250 words. Our writers avoid use of script that cannot be indexed in the abstract such as symbols, formulas, and diagrams.  The Table of Contents should also follow certain guidelines. Our writers insert a clear Table of Contents to include all headings and subheadings, exactly as they appear in the document. The Table of Content serves as a guide to the reader to easily locate the page containing certain information.


Our writers ensure the body of your paper is divided into chapters or sections. Our formatting services includeensuring that every chapter appears in a new page. We also ensure that headings are properly formatted by arranging the document in a way that headings appearing at the bottom of the page have at least two lines of text beneath them. When you seek our help in formatting your dissertation or capstone project, we caption and cite figures and tables and reduce them to fit into the specified margins. Our writers are also trained in avoiding using tables that run across pages.


At Capstone-DissertationWritingServices.com, we understand the need to have properly formatted appendices and references. Our writers have a keen eye to ascertain that all items cited within the dissertation or capstone document appear in the reference list. Your references structure will also be designed according to your school’s writing style. Appendices appear as the last section of the dissertation/capstone project just after references. We are keen to make sure that all appendices meet the margin and pagination requirements, and a letter heading is assigned to each appendix as mentioned in the body of the text. Each appendix should appear in a new page.

Why Use our Rewriting Services for Dissertations and Capstone Projects

Our formatting services will provide consistency to your project by ensuring proper line spacing, punctuation in references and citations, pagination, and quotations all observe the writing style required by your institution. After we’re done with our formatting checklist, we ensure that the font type and size is consistent. Our writers also ensure that your work does not have unnecessary whitespace, headings are formatted depending on the writing style your school prefers, and that standard rules regarding plagiarism are adhered to. Join our live chat and let our writers format your dissertation or capstone project to publishable quality.

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