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Are you aware that most schools do not allow plagiarism level higher than 5%? Original ideas are considered intellectual property and are protected by law. Plagiarism is, therefore, not only fraud but academic deceit. Plagiarism can lead to rejection of an important project or failure. Capstone Dissertation Writing Services understands the importance of work that is free of plagiarism. We offer plagiarism removal help from already written dissertation and capstone projectsin a bid to improve originality and credibility of your work.

Forms of Plagiarism to Avoid in Your Capstone Project or Dissertation

Plagiarism Removal for CapstoneUsing previously published work in your dissertation or capstone project without acknowledging that it was afore-published work is considered plagiarism. Any previously published work should be credited to the author. The second form of plagiarism is copying someone else’s sentence structure, flow of words and ideas without crediting them. This is commonly known as ‘copy pasting’. This is probably the most common form of plagiarism. Turning in someone else’s work as your own is also a form of plagiarism mostly by students. How would you feel if you came across your original and hard researched work with someone else’s name claiming to be the original owner? Plagiarism devalues institution’s awards, denies credit where it is due, and discourages hard-working students who worked diligently to produce original work. Failing to use quotation marks in direct quotes is another way of plagiarizing. Quotation marks are used to show that a text came directly from someone else’s work. Failure to use quotation marks is automatically claiming that the particular text originated from you.

How we do Offer Professional Help in Plagiarism Removal?

We have exceptionally accomplished, analytical, creative, and keeneditors who offer you plagiarism removal services by paraphrasing the plagiarized part to make sure the sentence structure and choice of words is different but the meaning is retained. The idea is to work on other’s ideas not reproducing their words. Our Plagiarism removal services also involve proper citations and referencing. This is ensuring that sources are well acknowledged and the audience is provided with sufficient information to identify and find the sources. Our writersare trained on the different citing methods used across most higher learning institutions. They will properly cite sources using the method you recommend.


Dissertation Plagiarism RemovalOur editors also skim through your dissertation or capstone project to make sure there’s minimal and proper use of direct quotes. Quoted material should be cited, using footnotes, endnotes, or in-text citation, depending on your school’s requirements. Paraphrasing should be used if there are a lot of quoted texts. Quoting should be done directly and exactly as it is on the source to avoid misquoting allegations. Rewriting is another way to avoid plagiarism. Our editors are skilled in creating a coherent flow of ideas to concisely communicate information. Our editors re-write plagiarized work using different choice of words to portray originality and understanding of the issue at hand. We ensure your work is of publishable quality by making it plagiarism free.


Send us your document and the plagiarism report to access our plagiarism removal services. Our editors will generate a plagiarism report using Grammarly if you do not have one. Ensure you do not include the reference list when scanning the document. Join our live chat and let a professional editor get rid of plagiarism for you.

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